American Legion Rex Ish Post 88

American Legion Logo


Wardee Bruce 209-485-2297

1st Vice Commander:

Anthony Moreno 209-535-3623

2nd Vice Commander:

John Haggstrom  209-634-3658


CC Hibbs  209-581-7253


Earl Hamilton  209-606-4525

Finance Officer:

Bob Russell  209-535-7542


Servando Cantu  209-634-7072

Service Officer:

Celso Anacieto 209-634-3725


Dan Belew  209-277-9796

Flag Bearer:

Lee Dayton  209-250-1999

Flag Bearer:

Roy R. Corson  209-665-0379



Wardee Bruce  209-485-2297

Bob Russell 209-535-7542

Anthony Moreno 209-535-3623

John Haggstrom 209-634-3658

C.C. Hibbs 209-581-7253

Servando Cantu 209-634-7072

Ben Spears 209-634-0991

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