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Good of the Order Corner for November


Chaplain’s Corner

Chaplain: Earl Hamilton   (209) 606-4525

Post Everlasting

Harvey Dalke – WWll Vet. 16 year member

Charles  F. Corgiat- WWII Vet. 16 year member

John Duling – WWll Vet. 27 year member – PUFL

Donald Farnstrom –  Korea Vet. 14 year member

Jeffrey Mabalcon – Vietnam Vet. 7 year member

Donald R. Olson Sr. – WWll Vet. 23 year member

Louis A. Ventura – WWll Vet. 31 year member

Service Officer Corner

Service Officer: Roy Hedstrom  (209) 669-0803

Roy made a recent trip to Livermore to transport a veteran and his dog for a scheduled appointment for glasses. It took 3 hours for the glasses. Remember to ask for mileage. If you don’t ask for the reimbursement, they will not volunteer the mileage reimbursement.

County buses leave from the VA Modesto Community based outpatient clinic at 1225 Oakdale Road to go from Modesto to Palo Alto hospital and Livermore hospital Monday through Friday at 7:00 am.

Call Joe Madden the Stanislaus County Veterans Advisory Commission for an appointment at (209) 914-4764.