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2014 Valley Veterans Run

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Cal Legion District 12 Website.

Cal Legion District 12, has a new website, you can find it at:

There is a link to it under Legion Links in case you need to reference it again in the future.



Rex Ish Post 88 News

Commander’s Corner for June.

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Our final elections for Post Officer’s will be held the first Tuesday of this month. I would like to thank everyone that came out to the Memorial Day Service at Turlock Memorial Park. It was a great service thanks to our VFW Comrades for hosting the program, and John for an outstanding job cooking the chicken. A good time was had by all. Continue reading “Commander’s Corner for June.”

Rex Ish Post 88 News

June Calendar of Events.

June 3rd  

Bar Opens @ 4 pm.

General Meeting and Final Election of Post Officers @ 6 pm.

June 8th  

Sons of Legion Meeting @ 8 am.

Legion Riders Meeting @ 9 am.

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Rex Ish Post 88 News

1st Vice’s Corner for June.

Comrades, this will be my last contribution to our monthly web-newsletter since I am sitting out the next membership year. The following year I may “throw my cap” in the ring again for a position within our Post – if you will have me. In the mean time I will be attending the regular membership meetings, as all members should do. Continue reading “1st Vice’s Corner for June.”

Rex Ish Post 88 News

Chaplain’s Corner For June.

Dear Brother & Sister Legionnaires,

Memorial Day has passed and we were glad to see all that were able to come to the Turlock Memorial Park and the partaking of the meal at the combined American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars after the services.

Nominations are in for the officers for the coming year and voting will be shortly here in a couple of weeks. Come out and vote It is your call to duty. May God bless all.

Chaplain: Earl Hamilton (209) 606-4525

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Rex Ish Post 88 News

Service Officer’s Corner For June.

I have researched many questions regarding benefits the V.A. office has not advised Veterans.

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Rex Ish Post 88 News

American Legion Auxiliary’s Corner for June.

American Legion Auxiliary

The Memorial Day service at the Turlock Memorial Park was well attended and very meaningful for our deceased veterans and those still with us including the ones that are serving currently. We need to keep them all in our prayers.
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