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Good of the Order for February

Chaplain’s Corner

Well fellow Legionaires we have turned over a new year. May it be a healthy one for you and yours.

One thing that would help me as your Chaplain is that if you know of a member that is sick, in a hospital, or has passed away, please contact me so I can send a card to our member or their family. I can only do this with your help as we don’t get to know all of the members unfortunately. Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Chaplain: Earl Hamilton (209) 606-4525

Sick Call

Brigham Branch

Barbara Branch

Donna Hedstrom

Post Everlasting


Edward O. Kearley

Korea Vet./Member: 29 Years/ETD: 25 January


Alan Wilson

WWII & Korea Vet./Member: 29 years/ETD: 13 January

Service Officer Corner

Bus trip to the Palo Alto Clinic and Livermore Clinics:

Pickup Time:

7:00 AM


Modesto V.A. Clinic, 1225 Oakdale Rd, Modesto

Return Time:

3:00 PM

Monday thru Friday except holidays.

Modesto Vet Center, 1219 N. Carpenter Rd., Suite 12. Readjustment counseling service office… (209) 569-0713 or Fax: (209) 569-0718. Call to set up appointment Monday thru Saturday.

Service Officer: Roy Hedstrom (209) 669-0803