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Service Officer’s Corner For March.

This January 27, 2014 V.A. claims work load report indicates the following:

  1. Average days pending for V.A. claims…..326 days
  2. 60.6% of claims pending over 125 days
  3. 265,316 claims in appeals status

I presently have two (2) appeal cases.  One is a question of a hearing aid.  Question of bilateral hearing U.S. military MOS.  This veteran, Air Force was an air craft mechanic used a very high pitched tone drill.  The majority of repair work was done on a flight line whereby jet engines would be running off the flight line while the veteran was repairing the equipment.  No ear muffs or ear plugs were offered as they are today.  The V.A. gave this veteran a hearing aid but refused the 10% (tinnitus) compensation.  No decision as of yet.  (over 200 days) I will report on the on the second appeal next month.

Service Officer: Roy Hedstrom (209) 669-0803