Rex Ish Post 88 News

1st Vice’s Corner for June.

Comrades, this will be my last contribution to our monthly web-newsletter since I am sitting out the next membership year. The following year I may “throw my cap” in the ring again for a position within our Post – if you will have me. In the mean time I will be attending the regular membership meetings, as all members should do.

Whomever gets elected to be the next 1st Vice Commander will have my full support and assistance when needed. My last request of you, our members, is that you pay when you receive your first notice that membership dues are due!

Remember, our membership year runs from July 1st thru the end of June the next year.
So don’t sit on those Dues Renewal Notices – mail them in with your payment. The danger with sitting on those renewal notices for too long may be that your brain, when finally remembering to pay, may have forgotten that your butt has been sitting on it.

Stay an active member. The only way our National Commander and his/her officers will be able to exert more pressure on our elected officials in Washington DC is with the full force of all of us behind them!

God bless you all, God Bless our American Legion, and God Bless our Great Nation!!

1st Vice Commander, Pieter Hoex 209-620-3948