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Commander’s Corner for October.

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We are having some difficulty in filling our hall with Legionnaires and their families on Hamburger Nights.
There are a lot of reasons why everyone stopped coming to our Burger Nights.

We are going to bring back Happy Hour on Friday nights, (all drinks and Beers are $0.50 off) from 5-7pm
for a two week trial period. If it brings more Legionnaires and families back we will continue “Happy Hour”.
Also, the Sons of the Legion will cook Dinner on their nights, so check back here on our web page for those dates.

Please inform the Post if you know of any Member that is sick and shut-in. Contact our Chaplain Earl
Hamilton at 209-606-4525 or myself, Gunner Bruce, at 209-485-2297.  Starting next month, if possible, I will try to give you a two months calendar.

All members are receiving this Newsletter/Calendars of Events on a one time basis.  Every one is welcome and invited to visit us on our WebSite:  Please sign up so you’ll automatically get notified of happenings at the Post!!

Commander, Wardee Bruce 209-485-2297