Rex Ish Post 88 News

Service Officer’s Corner For October.

In the corner of the bar at the Legion Post 88 is an Army uniform (Korea) that was donated by the widow of the veteran Jerry Abbott. Below are the letters sent to the widow and also to Camara’s Clothier that donated the mannequin for display.

Elaine Abbott, widow of Jerry Abbott.

Dear Mrs. Abbott:

Thank you for Jerry’s uniform. This is a special occasion having an Army uniform on display in our American Legion Post. I found the mannequin and a base and set it up in the corner of our bar. We are located at 75 Bothun Rd. We have Friday night hamburgers. Come on down.”

Thank you,
Roy Hedstrom, Service Officer.

Camara’s Clothier

Dear Mr. Camara:

Thank you for the mannequin. I found a base and the Army uniform is now on display in the corner of the American Legion Post 88 bar.

We are located at 75 Bothun Rd. Come down and we can drink a beer or two. We are normally open on Friday evenings.”

Thank you,
Roy Hedstrom, Service Officer

Service Officer, Roy Hedstrom (209) 669-0803