Rex Ish Post 88 News

1st Vice’s Corner for November.

Due to the closing of our Department Headquarters in San Francisco, and the opening – a few months later – of a new Headquarters in Sanger (near Fresno), our transmittals of paid memberships were not sent on to National for several months.

During that time, National printed out the reminder letters that many of you – who had already paid – recently received. Those of you who paid again will shortly get your checks returned. If you get reminders to pay your dues, please check if you have already received your 2016 membership card before sending another payment.

Those of you who have not paid yet, please do so soon, because for every member who pays after January 2016, the Post has to pay National an additional $ 5.00 more, $ 33.50 instead of the $ 28.50 that we pay now. This was decided at the recent National Convention.

1st Vice Commander, Pieter Hoex 209-620-3948