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Commander’s Corner for July.

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Thanks for coming to our annual installation of Post Officers, our cook John did a wonderful job, Thanks again to our District Officer for installing us.

This coming month the Post will closed until after the Fair. We Need volunteers for Security Checker to ensure everyone drinking buying beer or old enough.

I’m trying to purchase some T-shirts to made it easier to identify our security Checkers. We are looking for four each night for ten nights. Please let me know if you are interested in this job. On July 28th, will be a celebration to the fair volunteers. Not open to our regular membership so please don’t come, if you didn’t work during the fair.

Now good news join me in the Fourth of July Parade we will have Mike Jeep and two golf carts with seats also a flatbed by sponsored by VFW Post 5059 we can ride. Also, the Boy Scout troop 21 will also attend. We will meet by the post office around 8:30.

There are no Calendar of Events for July as the Post will be closed due to the Fair.

Commander, Wardee Bruce 209-485-2297