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Commander’s Corner for September 2022.

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Recently someone said to me (the American legion is never open )so I thought I would recap what we did last week

Monday: Boy Scouts meeting

Tuesday: we start at 7:45 the post gets cleaned,we pay bills,we conduct business. Scavenger dumps the trash and gate has to be open at 8am.

Celebration of life for a members father
Executive meeting at 5:30 regular meeting at 6:00

Wednesday: 12-2 pm free lunch for veterans and guests,square dancing at nite

Thursday: Scouts meeting at night and lions club meeting at night

Friday: Hamburger night, Bar open 5-10 PM

Saturday:rental until 9PM

Sunday: finished cleaning up after rental

I’m sure I’m missing something because a lot of our members do things behind the scenes (Howard hauled 4 new tables to the post,Bob does membership everyday,Ron take care of financial,Stephen and Larry helmets for heroes)

Upcoming events are:

New exercise class on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9AM starting September 7.

This Thursday Lifeline health screening

Breakfast first Sunday of the month , hamburger nite third Friday of the month.

Our goal is to be a veterans club that helps veterans and our community.

Thank you for letting me be your commander

Commander, Carl Lasiter (209)969-9837