Rex Ish Post 88 News

1st Vice’s Corner for January

Our Post, as far as dues paying members is concerned, is doing fairly well.  At the end of December we had an 83% rating of members who had paid their dues.  Not bad you say?  Well, as the officer in charge of membership, I think we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back until we reach 100%!  It has been done in the past and I know we can do it again – all we need is for those members who are “sitting” on their Renewal Notices to send them in with their payment and Voila, we are there!  I know it can be done because 81% of your fellow members have already done so!!!

Notice to all our Korean War Veterans: The Korean government has come out with a book depicting the war, and the 60 years afterwards where-in they show their remarkable rise from the ashes.

Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for 60 Years of Growth. By Remember My Service Productions

A grateful nation is making this book available – FREE OF CHARGE – to ALL Korean War Veterans for their sacrifices and thereby enabling the nation to rebuild. I was able to secure a book for each of you – all 91 of you on our membership roster. I will have them at the Legion Hall where you can pick them up during our meetings.

1st Vice Commander, Pieter Hoex 209-620-3948