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1st Vice’s Corner for March.

On Saturday, February 15th our Adjutant and I attended a training session at the Merced Post. We were welcomed by Bill Siler, Dept. Adjutant. We were given some pointers in how to retain our current membership, how to recruit new members, etc. and the paperwork involved that we need to send to Department and National for their records.
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Rex Ish Post 88 News

Chaplain’s Corner For March

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Chaplain: Earl Hamilton (209) 606-4525

Sick Call

Ernest Gonzales

Post Everlasting

None Reported

Rex Ish Post 88 News

Service Officer’s Corner For March.

This January 27, 2014 V.A. claims work load report indicates the following:

  1. Average days pending for V.A. claims…..326 days
  2. 60.6% of claims pending over 125 days
  3. 265,316 claims in appeals status

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Rex Ish Post 88 News

American Legion Auxiliary’s Corner for March.

Our February meeting was cancelled, no report this month.

Dates to remember:

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