Rex Ish Post 88 News

1st Vice’s Corner for May.

You know the end of another Legion Year (2013/14) is coming to an end when you hear
about nominations for,and election of officers for the next membership year (2014/15).

It would be wonderful if everyone would participate in this year’s process of electing a new slate of officers who will lead the Post next year and keep it operating. Please come to the next (3) meetings and bring your up-to-date membership cards!

Our Post has over 300 members, but for every membership meeting (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month) we are lucky to see anywhere from 20 to 30 show up. It is understandable that some members who can’t drive, (or walk, or see, or hear or who need to work during the time of the meetings) won’t be able to come to meetings. But what about the rest of you?

If membership in the Legion (the LARGEST VETERAN”S ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD) means anything at all to you, then stop looking for excuses and attend at least one meeting a month and spend some time with your fellow veterans, all of whom served OUR COUNTRY honorably, just as you did.  If you really care, you may be able to step up and assume a leadership role and show how much the LEGION means to you!

1st Vice Commander, Pieter Hoex 209-620-3948