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Chaplain’s Corner For May.

Fellow Legionnaires, another month has passed and so has some of our brothers and sisters. It is sad that we don’t learn about our members until they go “Post Everlasting”. We would prefer to let our members know that we care when they are sick, or are in the hospital, to wish them a speedy recovery.

Help me by contacting me when a brother or sister is sick or in the hospital. May God Bless all.

Chaplain: Earl Hamilton (209) 606-4525

Sick Call

None Reported

Post Everlasting


James Mello

Era: WW II Vet./Member: 10 Years/ETD: 4/16/14

Sandra Baptista


Auxiliary Member: 62 Years/ETD: 4/2/14


Era: Korea Vet./Member: 10 Years/ETD: 3/29/14